6 Fantastic Benefits of Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Shiatsu technique is one of the most popular terms in massage therapy. It originated in Japan and used typical hands and palms along with thumbs for massaging the body and relieving the stress points and promotes relaxation.

Shiatsu is also termed as acupressure by some massage therapists, but most commonly as “Shiatsu”. The reason this technique is popular is the incredible stress relieving benefits it provides as compared to various ways of relaxing your body.

A major benefit of shiatsu massage is that it serves as a source of enhancing your overall energy and blood circulation.

Over the years and throughout my journey of researching and experience various massage techniques, I find Shiatsu as one of the best and here are a few benefits that explain why.

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Advantages of Shiatsu Massage Technique

The best thing about a shiatsu massage is the instant rejuvenating results it provides, and this is what makes it wonderful.

1: Instant Relief from Muscle Aches

Relief from Muscle Aches

Because Shiatsu massage techniques focus more on the stress and tension points, this encourages blood circulation and ultimately provides relief for any muscle ache. This is the reason I recommend my users to opt for a Shiatsu Massage chair as they tend to give you a better and rejuvenating massage.

2: Makes Skin Soft

soft skin

Shiatsu massage helps in blood circulation in the capillaries that make your skin’s tissues soft and smooth. Moreover, it stimulates the secretion of sebaceous glands that helps to keep your skin hydrated and fresh all the time. This collectively helps to prevent wrinkles on your skin, make it glow and improve its elasticity.

3: Relaxation


The relaxation you feel receiving a shiatsu massage is amazing. It makes you feel calmer and more relaxed. It also helps to relieve all the stress and tension by improving blood circulation through proper techniques on the stress points.

4: For Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women

It is quite fascinating to know that shiatsu massage techniques have been used since ancient times for alleviating symptoms like menstrual cramps and depression among pregnant women. Moreover, it helps the women in labor and aids the babies inside the womb to turn. Furthermore, it also prevents morning sickness and sickness which is quite common during the pregnancy period.

5: Improves Circulatory and Digestive System

Circulatory and Digestive System

Receiving a shiatsu massage daily or thrice in a week, you will notice an improvement in your circulatory and digestive system. I personally feel that I’ve been better at digesting food after receiving a shiatsu massage. This helps to get rid of waste products in your body.

Similarly, through stimulating the circulatory system, you will feel an increase in your stamina and overall body energy with improved metabolism.

6: Prevents Arthritis

Prevents Arthritis

Inflammation of tissues is a common issue, especially among people who work throughout the day. When pressure is directly applied to the stressed points, it helps to relieve the soreness and reduce inflammation of tissues. Ultimately, this lowers the muscular pain!

How to do Shiatsu Massage? [Video Guide]

In my upcoming massage posts, I will be sharing some advance techniques of giving a wonderful shiatsu massage to your partner. Stay Tuned!




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